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Thank you so much to the all of you who attended ZDAY 2010 in LOS ANGELES
on Sat. March 13th at KGB Gallery. A huge success with a receptive and ecletic crowd
of progressive thinkers and futurists.

Special thanks to the staff who provided all resources and time free of monetary cost.
Your vision and support for The Zeitgeist Movement in Los Angeles is appreciated.

Special specific thanks to the following:

KGB Gallery (www.kgbla.com)
Project X: LA (www.projectxla.com)
Johnny Boy (www.djjohnnyboy.com)
Czer V. (www.speakerheadz.tk)
Andy V. aka Andy Nova
Albert R. (sound)
Gita (www.gitamind.com)
Viva La Tech (www.vivalatech.com)
DJ Huggie (www.djhuggie.com)
Altered Tek
Joseph Christopher (www.ppmla.com)
DJ Thee-O (www.djthee-o.com)
Merlyn Martin (www.djmerlyn.com)
Paul Najera
Tony aka 'Ice Man'
MC Dan Oh
Zeitgeist LA (www.zeitgeistla.com)
Zeitgeist Movement LA (www.zmla.org)
Zeitgeist Movement California (www.zmca.org)
Zeitgeist Orange County (www.zmoc.org)
The Venus Project (www.thevenusproject.com)

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Questions? Email: info@zeitgeistla.com